What type of girl/woman is my type?

I am a shy/quiet 30 year old male. I am a bit of loner. I am very critical of stuff sometimes. But I usually don't say it outloud. I am an introvert. I am a bit perverted too. I am an oddball. I do weird stuff sometimes too.

What kind of girl do you guys think is my type? Please be as descriptive as possible. Maybe some of you that are good with people and know them really good can tell me, because I am clueless. Thanks.


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  • Sounds like your type would be maybe another introvert or ambivert, extrovert could work too but might be more work and compromises. (Not always!) Maybe a bit shy and down to earth type of girl who has a weird/crazy side to her that shows when you get close to her. Are you good at approaching? She should be approachable and give people a chance to open up without turning them down instantly, especially with introvert people. She should probably be easygoing and understanding if you're critical about stuff. If she's critical too it'd be either a perfect scenario (if your critical towards the same things haha) or you'd have clashes. I think gamer girls and "otakus" (person who likes anime and japanese culture) have a lot of your characteristics or similar personality types and then these "shy at first but lively/bit of a freak when you get to know her" types but surely you can find one who doesn't classify as such. I fit to this former category and have friends with your personality type so I think it's a good match, based on my experience of friendship at least. I'm no expert but just throwing my opinion here. :)


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  • Hot tall athletic chick with big boobs sbbaha

    • You know, your joke makes me think you know a way lot more than you are letting on... You know which kind of girls guys like me should be with huh? What kind do you think? Its okay, you can tell me.. I won't get mad.. even if it is no one.. or that forever alone meme.. come on man, I need help.. those other two girls don't know squat! They probably don't get guys.. If you don't help me, I am going to repost this question so that only guys can answer!!!

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  • Probably a gamer chick. they are similar to what you describe.


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  • I don't know, it's hard to take a guess