I just feel so numb. I just don't want her anymore?

Fo. I met this new girl and we connected, we started dating. Everything was good. Me and this new girl was out on a date last Friday and she started talking none stop about how attractive my brother was (why o couldn't do this like him or look like him) then she was saying how attractive our waiter was. I felt a certain way, I really didn't think anybody would be that rude. We been dating for about 4 months ever since that day I've been numb about my feelings for her.

It just shot me down I haven't been happy with her since. I went 6 days without speaking to her, told her I wasn't happy. Because on top of everything I was dealing with personal stuff that she knows about and for her to be rude just made me see her different.

is it wrong for me to just want to be completely done with her


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  • Break up with her dude!! Who the hell says that shit ! She cray lol! I would never ever tell my boyfriend that I found his brother hot or a stupid waiter that i'll never see again. She is either thirsty af that she craves every man she sees or she just is trying to make you jealous but it's not working out 😂 i'd go with that she's crazy though lolll. I mean it's your choice at the end of the day but i'm really telling you dump her!


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  • No I totally see why you feel that way, that's a really crappy thing she did to you. Good for you for standing up to her. Maybe u should stop seeing her, if she's making u unhappy.

  • Nope. If you aren't happy in the relationship then end it. Just tell her why though.


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