Best approach to shy guy?

We've dated but it seems he wants me to make the moves, I have asked him out and he accepts with no hesitation. What should I do now? He reaches out every once in a while and flirts or compliments me and makes great conversation but I don't know what to do anymore. I don't like making all the moves, I want to know if he is completely shy or just lacking interest or something. We have not kissed yet either. Suggestions please


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  • Well if what you've said is true then yes he does like you he's not uninterested just shy since he agrees immediately to go on dates with you. If you want him to make some moves maybe just give him a little friendly nudge. Like if you find a moment that would be good to kiss just get close to him. Like as in you are basically pressed up against him and look up into his eyes and part your lips slightly. If it doesn't work literally just tell him that "this is the moment you kiss me"


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  • Maybe you should hint it to him. Tell him that you would really like it if the person you're interested in would initiate from time to time.