Guys please help me?

I was in LDR she left me. I saw her on okcupid. I abused her (I also have an account on okcupid). I don't know she deleted her account or she blocked me on that account because when I am checking her name on the search box she was showing that time when I abbuse her but after some month I was checking again but this time I didn't get maybe she deleted her account or maybe she block me.) i just wanted to check) 2 days before I made a new account to see her weather she blocked me or she deactivated her account. But I found her again... Guys what do you think did she blocked me on my prevGuys please help me?

Prvious account because she saw my mesaages. But her status shows remain the same that she last shown on this date. Check this picture. When I abuses her I saw the same date when she was online but this time the same. Same date she didn't use her account since this last date. . But I want to know did she block me on my previous account. But her date still not showing the update date when she comes again.


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  • dude, move on


    Better for you, and for her

    That kind of behaviour is just unhealthy


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  • Are you saying you abused her?


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  • You keep saying you "abused" her. How did you abuse her, and if you did abuse her, why would anyone want to help you?
    Do you not know what "abuse" means? It means that intentionally did something to hurt her.

  • Dude. You really need to move on.


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