Why can't guys control the noise they make when they are aroused or have a woody or whatever? Was this guy turned on or not based on your experience?

Me and this guy I met at my besties party were waiting outside in line for the club and we were cuddling and making out etc. At one point while we hugged he was standing against the wall and I pressed my hips in to his for like 10 seconds because I thought he'd like it but he kind of moaned and moved away. Lmao I want to know if I made him uncomfortable or if he was trying to hide a ***** or arousal or something. Also do guys automatically make noises like this ow what lmao. Sorry this question might sound dumb. I hope it was the latter but it might not be. So I stopped. Thnx


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  • "Do guys automatically make noises?"
    Umm, no.


What Guys Said 2

  • I'm fairly certain my penis is completely silent when it gets erect.

  • Are you a girl using a guys account or you gay? Cause if you're a guy you should already know the answer lol

    • I am a girl shoot I didn't know it said I was a guy

    • But can you answer the question pls I genuinely wanna know

    • Well if you were getting intimate I'm guessing he was getting aroused at least a little bit and he may have been semi hard and when you put your hips against his he may have pushed away so you didn't notice it. Being in a public place he might have been embarrassed or was trying to be respectful to you by not grinding you with a stiffy in a public place