Should I write a myTake about interracial dating?

I'm interracially dating, wanted to know how many people want to see a myTake in the near future about interracial dating, considering the sheer number of the questions

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  • What's your combo? If its something fairly uncommon then go for it, especialky if its a massive cultural difference (like both people were born and raised in diffeent countries). If they were both born and grew up in the same country then they're esentially the same anyway.

    If it's a fairly common pairing it might have been done already, but you can read through those and write one if you feel you have something new to add 👍

    • My boyfriend is Chinese, born and raised by two immigrants to America, and I'm white. We're not from around the same area and they did go back to China for a few years a little while back

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    • Thanks for mh, did you get round to doing it?

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  • Only if you're prepared for the amount of hate you're going to get from the racial purity neckbeards.

    • I deal with them in real life. Here it's much simpler. Toy wth them, and if they get out of control there's a block button.

    • If you want to. But as Negrodamuss said, there are plenty of takes on the subject already.


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  • i would rather not see it, not because im against it (Im quite for it), but because i dont like treating it any differently or putting it in a special class of dating when it really shouldn't be. Plus there have already been dozens of myTakes on the matter.

  • Why not?


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  • U already did!

  • I don't think it's necessary.
    It would just further support the idea that interracial is somehow so very different than same race dating... And that's just bullshit.