Should I wait for a guy who needs time to deal with his mental health problems? If so how long? Why can't I stop crying?

My boyfriend called me today crying. He told me that he was feeling esky depressed. He expressed these feelings to me before, but I didn't know that they were this bad. He told me that he wants to make this work but he wants to wait until he is better and at a healthier mental state. He promised he'd come back to me... but he's not sure how long it will be. He said it could be 3weeks or more. I'm so upset and I miss him so much. I'm worried that his ex will pop up during his recovery, he will find someone else, he willtake like a year, or he will come back and will have lost interest in me. Should I wait? Is he worth it? I really do like him. The sex is great. He kisses my forehead after sex... this led me to believe that he ACTUALLY likes me and respects me outside of the sex... is this true? Does he like me? He said he would come back. He promised.


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  • I would wait. Not only for you, but for him. He is more than likely a genuinely great guy with depression. I've been diagnosed and went through therapy and was put on medication. It's tough and really scary. If he comes back, he will need someone to metaphorical lean on. If he feels that he has to conquer his depression to be with you, then I would say he will come back. Good luck.


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  • there's no time with this, he's probably going to be dealing with it for the rest of his life, when it seems good, its probably good but then he will have bad days. So to say he's going to come back-- may happen but he needs to get help.


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  • I've struggled with depression myself and when people we love "leave" us, it can make things worse... so give him space but also let him know your there for him.

    I think he will come around, I always do... but it can take time. Maybe longer than 3 weeks? Not sure. Everyone is different.

    Hope for the best with both of you :)