Why does my girlfriend call other guys hot?

We are both 17, almost 18, and we have been dating for 3 and a half months now and she has already made it pretty clear that she is in love with me. We have a great relationship. She is known as one of the prettiest girls in the area and I am an average looking man. I am tall and in good shape but other than I don't look like I'm in her league. She has made it clear that she loves how funny, athletic , and most importantly smart I am. But often I hear her call other guys hot. She loves big buff guys, and she always talks about them. I don't know if the feeling I get is jealousy or confusion. I know I shouldn't be jealous because we have a great relationship, but she is always surrounded by other guys. Need advice, thanks !!


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  • Well let's put it like this. If you have a beatifull flower can't you still find another flower beautiful. In other words you can't avoid such things although you don't have to actively talk to your flower about other flowers.

  • do the same with her, talk about how hot you find other girl's assess.