How to get a guy to ask me on a date?

We've talked about hanging out and I invited him to go swing dancing with me, and he said "it's a little early you feel?" And I asked what that meant and he told me he might want to take me on a date. It's been a week and we were supposed to get coffee tomorrow but he's taking a test so he can't. I just really want him to ask me out... is there anything I can say or do (without being pushy) that can propel this? I have never been on a date before and have only had meaningless "relationships" with guys before, and because I really really like this guy I just can't wait. Thanks for reading and or answering :)


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  • You don't you ask him out


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  • he already asked you by saying it and planning it with you but he seems busy right now. Now if y'all make some more plans and he is always making excuises then he most likely not that into you. No matter how busy a person is, they make time for what they want to do. So right now give him the benefit of the doubt. He has a test tomorrow. do not be pushy or bug him about takin you out bc that can turn him off and its done.

    So be patient and see what happens in a few days. continue to text and talk and let him be the one to bring up taking you out bc trust me, if he really likes you, he will make the time. No one is that busy.