The girl that I have strong feelings for is moving, what should I do?

So this girl that I've had feelings for for the past 3 years is moving away. She just earned her masters, and got a job out of state. I've never asked her out because she didn't seem interested, and she was always flirty with this other guy (my self esteem isn't the highest either). She doesn't have a boyfriend or anything (never has for as long as I've known her). I want to get it off my chest that I have feelings for her. Since dating is out of the question, should I just tell her to get it off my chest? Or is this a bad idea since she is moving in a month?


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  • Let her leave in peace man, you had your chance to make your feelings known. Too little too late.


What Guys Said 1

  • Tell her to get it off your chest, thats what I'd do... You got nothing to lose mate ;)