So confused, any help?

I like this girl and have been getting to know her the whole year. She went through some stuff, and I did whatever I could and was there for her. Since then, she acts more flirty, touchy, texts me more, jokes more, and wants to be around me. We spent half of the together, ditching classes and joking around. She then also started talking to me, then brought up something that happened to her in the past, and said "oh thats right, you didn't know about it, thats before we were friends" then quickly corrects herself and says "I mean close". We had plans to go out as a group of friends to a restaurant, but she told me "idk if I can wait that long". Then after saying that she says she is going to a movie with another guy, but she calls him "kid" and only bought him up now. Does she like me, or just "close"? We also promised to do stuff over the summer together.


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  • ... I don't know if I can wait that long...
    This is telling me that after that Pet talk, She is trying to Hint a Helpful One, That if you "Snooze, You Lose," She is going out with 'Another' because you Both have not made Anything Official.
    Sure, she likes you, But she wants More in Store and it Looks like with this "Kid," You could now be in the dog house.
    Summer is right around the Corner, So don't be "Little Jack Horner" and Sit in that 'Corner'... Ask her to be your Girlfriend, my Friend.
    Good luck. xx


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  • well if she describes him as kid then i wouldn't worry.. if she flirts with you and texts you and touches you im pretty sure she likes you just saying. im a girl and if i was touching guys and flirting its a big sign i like him.


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  • Do you have any close friends that are girls, if so do they act in similar ways?
    She is either your best friend or is interested in dating you it all depends on whether or not she acts like this just around you or is she like this with all of her other guy friends.

    • Um, she doesn't have any other guy friends, so I can't say how she would react towards them. However, around other guys, she does not act this way.

    • Either ask one of her friends if she likes you if you are comfortable with that or just be honest with her and say you would like to go on a DATE sometime and see where things go. You can even be a little jokey about it so it's not awkward but she needs to know you are being serious about it.