He wants to start a family but doesn't want to meet my family... Is that weird?

I just feel like we should meet the other's family before we do anything... We've been together for almost a year, he still hasn't met my dad (I really don't want him to meet my mom... I don't really like her). I haven't met anyone in his family.

I just think it's important... But at the same time I really don't like most of my family and don't want them around me, my boyfriend, or my future kids.


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  • Explain your fimaly issues for him, and i think he'll understand & aceept it. Good luck.


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  • When you enter a relationship with someone, their family, good or bad, come as part of the package. They may not be a part of your daily routine, but they will come and go from your life none the less.

    I say put your foot down and not have kids until you have met the family. In these times, I would start to wonder what he is hiding from you... a wife, other children, abusive background... Before you commit the rest of your life being connected to him (because when you have a child together, you are connected to him forever, and your child will associate with the family for the rest of theirs), you should know his family.


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  • Wants to start a family like now? How bout, no? You've only been together a year... you're other events 25... this is a bad idea all around!