What would you do if a guy suddenly withdraws during the early stages of dating?

Any thoughts on this?
My instinct is to not contact him for a few days, ignoring any messages he sends. Plus, it might make him want you again as you seem to care less and the chase begins again.


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  • Certainly hold off on contacting him for a bit. But I wouldn't completely ignore his messages that he sends. Wait a few hours to reply to his texts, so you don't seem desperate, but make sure you find a way to let him know that you aren't happy with him pulling away and then coming back with no good reason.

    • How could you do that? What would you say?

    • @Natalie87 Something to the effect of "Sorry I didn't get back to you soon enough, guess I was busy doing other things since I didn't think I was as important to you at this stage of our relationship." But with nicer words so he doesn't get defensive and leave you anyway.

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  • I would accept that he's no longer interested and move on. I wouldn't resort to grade-school remedies like playing hot and cold in hopes of 'making him want me' again.


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  • Why would you ignore his messages? If he's sending messages he's not withdrawing, now is he?


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  • Need a bit more information on here, but the easiest answer is just because he's not interested anymore or he found someone else.