My friend's ex boyfriend knows that I like him. What now? Should I wait for him to "make a move" to see if he likes me back?

Me and this guy have been friends since 8th grade and i have also had a crush on him since 8th grade (we are now in 10th grade). The problem is my friend dated him in 8th , 9th and the very beginning of 10th grade. So my other friend has convinced me to let her tell him and she did. But, when she told him that i liked him he said he's known since 8th grade. So i thought that this was bad because if he's knew that I've liked him and he never tried to "make a move" doesn't that mean he doesn't like me? ( the friend that dated the guy knew in the beginning that i liked him but i guess she thought i got over it. I just recently told her that i still like him.)


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  • I would ask him if he wanted to hang out. When your alone you'll be able to tell if he sees you as just a friend or more.


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  • No, be the one who makes the first move.