Should I ask him out?

Met a guy at the weekend... We've been messenging each other on twitter, I'm still not certain if he likes me in that way or if he's just very friendly.

I asked what he's doing tomorrow And he said not much. Wouldn't he have asked me out somewhere if he was interested in me? Should I ask him or wait until I'm sure he's interested or not?


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  • Well you already suggested it without words. At this point you'd look kind of needy if you followup again saying "Let's hangout out". Maybe he's just nice and not interested or maybe he's just a pussy and can't ask you out.

    • Lol ahh ok I don't know what to say back now :/

    • Just chill and let it be. Ask him directly next time so he can't be evasive.

    • I'm just worried we're not on the same page tbh

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  • Well some guy's get nervous and don't ask for quite awhile, you can either wait or ask him if he would like to do something so shame in either. Best of luck. :)

    • Really? He seemed really confident in person. I'm going to wait it out, thank you

  • Go for it!

  • Sure why not?

    • He might shut me down

    • Ok then drop some hints and if he's not interested then you won't feel put out by asking him

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  • Perhaps on his own end, He is a bit of this Coy Boy and may Feel... I'm still Not certain if She likes me.
    Go head and Make the first Move. I bet you will Tweet like a Bird if he would Say "Sure," And go Beyond the 'We've been messaging each other on twitter.'
    Good luck. xx