I thought he liked me but now I dont know. Does he still like me?

So I like this guy in a bar and he's working there and for the past few weeks whenever he's there he always looks at me and tries to strike up a conversation, but I'm always with my friends and it's kinda hard to have a decent conversation with so many people around, especially where he is working. And I don't want to follow him whenever he goes on a smoke break like some kind of a stalker. Plus, I'm don't really like to talk much. Before yesterday, I and also my friends were pretty much confident that he likes me and I got that from him es well, but yesterday there were many of us and there wasn;t really a time for me and him to talk to each other, we did exchange a few looks but that was it. Besides, the whole looking at each other thing is getting kind of boring and yesterday I didn't get that "chemistry" from him , I don't know why. I will see him tomorrow, what should I do? It's really a mindfuck trying to talk to him or be with hi one on one with so many people around.


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  • you'll have to talk to him alone. he could have just been having an off day.

    • yeah, I thought he wasn't in the mood, plus I was in a really shitty mood too. So is it okay if I ask him to go for a smoke? I don't want to look very desperate

    • yea sure, or even ask if he wants to go for drinks after work

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  • You should try to engage into a conversation with him and see how it goes from there.