Should I give up?


So last year I asked a girl out, and after a few meets she said she was not ready for a relationship, but that we should still meet up. I assumed she was just not into me (especially given I found out she then dated another guy for a month or so after that), but we got on well so figured I had a new friend at least. Anyway fast forward a few months and we started to get together - lots of hand holding, cuddling and some kissing etc. Then out of nowhere (to me) she has said the same thing again - she is not ready for anything serious or physical, because her ex was abusive towards her. At first she said we needed to take things slowly and that she didn't know if I would be prepared to wait (I said I would because I think there is something worth having between us), but now a few weeks later she said she meant we should just be friends because she is not ready for a relationship and doesn't like labels like girlfriend being put on things. We are still meeting up 1 on 1, but am I wasting my time thinking anything might come of this? Usually "not ready for a relationship" means I don't like you in that way. I can't decide if I should start seeing other people or not - I really like her, but I find her behaviour ambiguos and contradictory and don't want to waste lots of time chasing someone not interested (but would still want to be friends, but would want to know that is what it is for sure).


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  • It's up to you, honestly. I just had a guy tell me he doesn't want a relationship right now, also, but he's so different from any other guy I've ever met and I really like him. So I plan on waiting, as long as he doesn't start going out with other girls.


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  • Forget about it; stop wasting your time