I LOVE him but he is VIOLENT?

My boyfriend of 2 years moved out temporarily this month, because we have been fighting a lot. We love each other and I would like to build a solid relationship with him (I am even going to see a therapist).
The issue however is when my boyfriend gets upset, he will slam doors, break things, punch walls, and storm out... I am not too sure what to do, as he keeps telling me that "I provoke him"? Thoughts?


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  • You did, absolutely nothing to provoke him. His behaviors are because he has zero ability to control his anger. He is a little child inside. He needs to get anger management counseling. If you wanna stick around him, coz that violence could turn it to you. Instead of inanimate objects.


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  • This behavior is acceptable in any form.
    He has anger issue?
    he is saying that u provoke him.
    That's just sad.

    If you love him, convince him to see a therapist or any concerned person.
    he is the one in need ( not you , tbh).


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  • Good luck.


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  • At the moment he hasn't hurt you, but what if one day he does? Do you want to stay in a violent relationship? Best thing to do is either sign him up for couple therapy class/anger management classes or leave him