How do I get close to a girl with depression?

I have been seeing this girl for a few weeks now and its been amazing. she's only 19, iam 27, i met her at a party and started talking to her. we exchanged numbers and then went our ways. i asked her out to a date and it was amazing. one of the best dates I've been on, she agrees. she's never had a guy treat her like this before. (her words) so i know she's digging me. she said her ex cheated on her and was an asshole so i was a big step up. she said it was a month ago since she broke up, a red flag but i ignored it.
so its been the third week and I've found that she's suffering from depression and taking meds for it. she was very shy about it and i get it. she's also a shy girl in general. doesn't have much confidence and even questions why i find her interesting. so far we haven't done anything sexual yet. just kissing and groping but thats it. i want to though. god do i want to. but i want to make it work. so last night we were suppose to hang but she bailed and she bailed again today and hasn't texted me at all. she doesn't use her phone very often either since i dont see her use her phone at all when we are together.
i know she's afraid but how do i get her to open up to me and talk to me about her struggles. i know she likes me because she's made it known many times. and the fact that we haven't had sex yet should solidify that i am serious about having something real with her. should i be patient? wait? what should i expect? is this even gonna work?


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  • Honestly, I don't think you should.


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  • You should probably leave. I doubt you have the backbone to handle her depression. I don't think you'd be a jerk about it, rather i see her depression being the center of your entire relationship, and you getting sidelined.

    Maybe not. But that's the worry.


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  • I understand how you're feeling. While some people believe you shouldn't try, I think everyone needs to be loved. So the best way to approach it may just be to be her friend before all else. Take things slowly. I believe she will open up to you. Good luck!


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