So I told my boyfriend this and now what should I do?

[ told my boyfriend nicely that I don't like it when he likes other girls pics because I found it disrespectful and he said I'm being insecure. Its just a pic. Its not like he likes the pic of a dog but of girls in biknis. He was upset but now the past two days I see that he hadn't like pics. Did he respect my wish or what is going on?


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  • He probably saw what he was doing was wrong. Or just stopped because he knew that you were aware of his wrong doing.

  • you're insecure as fuck lol

    I guess he did respect your wish, who know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • No an insecure girl would shut up about it cuz she wouldn't want to upset her asshole for liking other bitches pictures :)

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    • It's not about having doubt. It's disrespectful. Only an insecure girl would not say a word about it, because let me tell you women do not appreciate this kind of behavior. No woman Only doormats and they also don't like it. They just keep their mouths shut because they don't have the balls to stand up for themselves. They instead build resentment untill they no longer can handle it. Us, proud and confident girls will tell a boy how it is. I actually dont say a word I just like other hot guys pics and he gets the message :) It's disrespectful and only a doormat will accept that treatment.

    • @cherrymarina lol let just agree to disagree. And I thought you were the OP but turn out you're not so I can't assume anything.

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  • Isn't it funny how guys call you insecure when you point out their bullshit behavior? Only a doormat would be ok with him liking those girls pics. It is just so disrespectful. It shows lack of appreciation for the girl he is with. No decent boyfriend does this.