He is avoiding me because of my feelings?

Ok, so I have known him for 6+ months and he is very shy and cute. So whenever i walk to my bus to go home he comes up behind me and surprises me. We talk on the way. Things have changed and I was very sad... My friend had to be a bitc* and tell him I like him and I trusted her to NOT tell him. I asked him while class time... Did my friend tell you anything? And then he said, "yeah, she told me that you liked me." In a teasing way. This caused me to panic and deny deny deny. Then when he saw that this was getting very awkward he said that everything was a Lie. But i knew it was not because my friend and him are in the same math class and talk kind of. Then sadly... He doesn't surprise me with his shy "Hi" and "hey" anymore... How do I notice? I notice because I test him if he will say hi to me. When I saw him coming behind me I just walked pretending to not notice him behind me. Then when I am by my bus, he just turned to him bus and he was RIGHT BEHIND ME. HE did not even say anything... Is made me so sad. Then in class he acts normal and the same before any of this shi*t happened. He teases me and annoys me kind of. Why is he acting so different outside of school and the hallways compared to in class? Or does he kind of like me too?


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  • What has happened has confused him. He probably does like you but your denial means that he is trying to not give away his feelings. When more relaxed or unguarded he can't help showing that he likes you but at other points he keeps his distance. It is just self protection really. I'm afraid you will have to do some work (and probably actually admit that you were lying before as he may not trust himself to respond to hints and signals) to let him know that you do like him. If you explain that you were flustered and caught off guard before and didn't know how to respond he will probably understand. I hope it works out for you.

    • Thank you. But he has moved to another school. I regret everything. Its not anyones fault but mine. If only you could change the past then I would have told him. But sadly, he's not here anymore. I hate that everyday i see him everywhere. I always think that he would come back and some people just look like him but he isn't.

    • Its just that I'm insecure. I am not thin and slim like him, not smart enough, not pretty enough. But i let those insecurities get ahead of myself... But now, O have learned better.

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  • It sounds to me that he does like you , but keeps it hid rather than take the chance that your denial was actually how you feel meaning your friend told him a lie. If you like dude and would want more then tell him already. More relationships fail due to never trying than any other cause

    • Thank you... I regret everything now... He moved away. Its my fault. Thanks.

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  • He probably thinks that you're not interested in him because you denied it.