Why would he message me on Instagram instead of just texting me?

Met this guy a few years ago and we had a really good thing. He'd come to see me every week and we'd hook up and hang out together. We just never had a label.. Anyways for a while I could tell I was his favourite girl he was seeing, until he started acting distant and disappeared. Then he came back and told me he was seeing another girl at the time (which obviously hurt) but at that time I started seeing a new guy and respectfully backed off. Then a few months after that he came back saying he had feelings for me and wanted to start seeing me again and make things different. We hooked up again and he acted like a dirtbag, never bringing up our conversation about our feelings. It just ended really badly between us and I felt confused and used.

Now like 5 months later he DMs me on Instagram? He's never been in touch on there before he always texted or called. Wtf is honestly going through this guy's head?


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  • well I guess a DM is better than a message. at least with a DM a picture is worth a 1000 words.


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  • I don't know. A guy did this to me the other day. We have each other's numbers, but he messaged me on Facebook. I can never tell with him, whether he'll ever want me in his life or not. He gets my hopes up, then disappoints me, again and again.

    • Sad 😞

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    • Ha IF he messages again...

    • Whatever

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  • i think you should move on from him because if you keep contact with him then there be nothing but problems. sounds like he's not sure what he wants from you


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  • he probably deleted your number