Do you agree with this article about how men and women have changed when it comes to dating?

http://www. thomasumstattd. com/2015/05/the-confidence-crisis-why-women-feel-unwanted-and-men-feel-undateable/

So I wonder if it's true because I do feel like there's way fewer confident men than there used to be. I mean I wouldn't know but based off old tv how older people act and the stories they say of how people used to act around each other it sounds like guys used to be way less shy than they are now. Yes I know girls have changed to before someone gets angry at me for focusing on guys. But I'm a straight girl so I don't pay attention to what other girls do because I'm not trying to get in a relationship with them.

But what do you think? Does it seem true?


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  • I wonder if it isn't just the effect of declining social and interpersonal skills. A lot of communication has to happen before you say anything when you approach another person. People don't spend as much time practicing direct personal communication because they spend more time using social media. It's like driving everywhere leaves you unable to walk long distances.


Most Helpful Girl

  • perhaps if girls weren't out there calling men sexist at every turn, and claiming rape when the sex was consensual, or making it virtually impossible for men to feel ok about approaching girls to say hi then they might not be so shy. I'm not saying all girls do this, but it seems to have become an epidemic perpetuated by a majority females lately.


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  • i wonder how a girl can fell "unwanted", if every single girl lieterally has thrown dick at her all the time.

  • I think world watchdd too much glee and turned in nerdy zombies and need a big jacked athletic hero to save em


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  • I don't see a problem... I would rather be confident myself than worry about whether someone else is confident.

    • Women still get attacked fur asking guys out but it's nothing like it used to be. Since I prefer the control of asking instead of being asked, id never want to go back to the 80s or earlier.

    • Who's 'attacking' women for asking guys out? Certainly isn't me. Hell I encourage women to ask guys out more!