You know the saying "guys show their feelings in how they act/talk".
So what does it mean when your boyfriend of 2 years and you get into a fight, and he says he needs to be left alone, and then 2 weeks later spends days sending you cute videos on Facebook, but doesn't say a word?


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  • Sounds like high school no offence. 2 weeks is a pretty long time for no communication, I'd be pretty pissed about just that. He's probably just realizing he feels bad and want's things to be better, and he's trying to cheer you up with the videos. But it kinda seems like a battle between who will message who first. Like he's not saying anything except for the videos, and I'm assuming you're not answering him either because you asked this question instead of finding out for yourself. Just ask him why it took him 2 weeks lol.

    • Well I even commented on how i love the video and he didn't say a word back... so I don't know? He will be back in town from his job this week hopefully. I am just confused?

    • Thanks for MHO! :)
      Did he cold shoulder you last week? Relationship's are confusing, especially when you are in them. That's why I like telling my friends the straight truth when it comes to some stuff because I feel like the saying "blinded by love" is completely accurate in that situation. I hope it worked out for you two tho! :D

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  • It means he is trying to make up with you.


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  • It means he cooled off.


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