Guys, How to be honest and not hurt his feelings?

I met this guy... well let's rewind. About 1 month ago I met this guy on a dating website. I am a career woman and single mother of 2 so; I don't have time to meet people in the "real world" I barely have enough time to make dinner and get the kids feed, bathed and in bed by 7 -8pm where I am falling asleep myself EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! LOL. Anyway, we agreed to met and it was like the dynamic between us was instant fire and so was the sex. He did things to me that I have never felt and still crave. In all actuality the way he made me feel is singular to only him. However, after I tell him I'm starting to fall in love he reveals something so HUGE I had to call it quits between us. Now, with the after math of our severed feelings he's having a hard time letting go and revealed to me last night via voicemail; he loves me. I have expressed that its over and yes we have strong emotional feelings and a burning desire to be near each other, but how to I let him know in male words, its over without breaking his heart? Any advice is welcomed and appreciated!! Thanks in advance!!


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  • I am sorry to say, there is no way to break up with someone who loves you without hurting them. It is obvious that whatever he told you, made it impossible for you to continue dating him. The only way you can make this clear to him, by telling him as calmly and clearly as you can. Tell him that it is over, but more importantly, try to explain why. He will inevitable object. If you are certain that it is over, tell him that your decision won't change, despite the fact that you don't like it.

    It won't be an easy conversation, but it is a necessary one.

    • he wants to meet in person, should I meet him?

    • Yes, that is the best way to allow him to understand and respect your decision. To talk about this over the phone would be a lot less personal.

  • you already broke his heart