Girls, would you agree with this?

One of my friend said that coming from just a purely biological and scientific point of view, women care about a man's personality over his looks. He says that men simply looks for a good female to reproduce with but a female want a guy who is stable and will show that he will care for her and be there for her.

To me it makes sense because you do hear not so good looking dudes with really attractive girls because they're either confident or has a great personality that makes the girl laugh and she has fun around him and feel comfortable around him. Now I'm not eliminating looks at all. Obviously the guy needs to be somewhat attractive but overall I heard girls tend to look past that more than guys. You see good looking dudes with not good looking girls much less than the opposite.



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  • Yeah its very accurate


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  • I'm not a girl but yep that is true for the most part I believe, and yeah the guy has to be at least somewhat attractive to the girl first, in order for his personality to outshine his physical flaws, as long as its enough its enough etc..