Why guys jump from relationship to relationship fast?

This guy i met was dating a girl for a few years and while i met him they were having problems I notice he acted like he like me and i did him but i never act on my feelings because i knew he had a girlfriend right before i left he was trying to talk to me i even though he would make a move but he didn't I knew he was single but I still didn't fall for it so my friend stared a rumor that I was dating someone everyone knew he like me and they told me to stay away because I was too much for him in a month I find out he was in a relationship with another girl I was happy for him but it made me question him a n d what people said about him and most of all he's intentions.


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  • He might be using the second girl as a rebound or he has commitment issues


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  • Not all guys jump to relationships like, this guy did. Maybe he was trying to ake you jealous as well.

    • I wasn't in he's life at that moment I had already left work and we never kept in touch.

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