Meet a cute girl at pub would it be ok to make a move soon?

I meet this girl at a local pub a couple weeks ago , hadn't really seen her around before. she really got this cute look to her and also definity single was able to confirm that. she'd make an interesting option to date this summer , at first I felt she was a bit caught off guard that I was interested in her but felt she was warming up to idea last time I spoke to her. but feel I could come up too strong if I pushed things to hard to early I don't know


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  • Yes, that would be fine.


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  • When you meet someone in a pub, there's nothing like 'too soon'. Go for her! ;)

    • well partly true but don't want to scare her away but coming on way too early if she isn't ready

    • I understand, but people who visit pubs are 'usually' as ready as they could ever be! If they are single, that is (which you already confirmed, in her case).


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  • If by "soon", you mean "right now", then yes you should do that.