Is my ex intesionally hurting me?

I broke up with my ex yesterday because he just wasn't treating me right. We work together and today he came to me and asked about a document and i told him id do research (cuz itz my field). And then he stayed at my desk for a few secs longer writing something on his paper. So i texted him informing him that i was still hurt and if he could give me space. Then not even a hour later he came into the office looking for someone that just stepped out. So instead of waitin for them to return or just leave the document on their desk, he came to me to show me his research and if i could pass along the document. From this point i jus broke down. Not to mention in the office when he goes in there he's laughing and heing happy like nothing. I dont understand if he's intentionally hurting me? Because i dont see how hard it is to just leave me alone. Especially when it has nothing to do with my title. But its like he's showing he doesn't care on purpose or something? Because he didn't need to talk to me AGAIN and when he talks to me its like nothing. Like we aren't exes. I dont understand this behavior. Its like if u moved on respect my wishes of space. But to me it looks like he's intentionally trying to hurt me cuz he didn't need to talk to me.


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  • I think he's intentionally being an ass

    • Well he's hurting me alright

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  • I think you're over reacting here. If you work together, you can't expect that much space. He isn't going to jeopardize his work ethic because of your breakup, but if you're honestly upset ask him to only come to you when necessary. He probably won't take it well since you WORK TOGETHER, but all you can do is try I suppose.

    • yes i told him to only come to me if necessary. Thats why i dont understand him coming at me with stuff that dont pertaimn to me. Thats why i feel like he's being mean and jerk on purpose