Why would she have sex with him! ?

the girl i like worked on a group project with 3 other people. she had sex with one of the guys in her group but she and him aren't even friends and never talk. her friends confirmed this and they were surprised too so why would she have sex with him? she is super sweet and quiet and he's loud and obnoxious. i have a feeling he tricked her somehow for example maybe telling her to come to his house to work on the project and then made a move on her?

  • he probably tricked her into coming to his house to work on the project
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  • he probably tricked her into coming to his house for something else
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  • he probably got her number somehow and flirted through message/text
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  • he probably directly asked to have sex with her
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  • she probably asked to have sex with him
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  • other
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  • Sometimes people screw just for fun, even if you aren't friends. Not sure why. My brother does this all the time. He tells me a piece is a piece. Yea that's just nasty. But still that doesn't mean he tricked her or she's a hoe. We make mistakes so forgive her and remain friends.

    • She's not the type to screw for fun or else I wouldn't even ask this question

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    • Oh yea true but I would. I'm brazen like that though.

    • Thanks for the MHO!

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  • She's a budding slut honing her skillz!

    • she's not a slut

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    • @AssJacket yep she's got a long way to go but she's on the path!

    • Thanks for MH!

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  • Other- who cares

  • cause she's a whore and like sleeping around with anyone


What Guys Said 5

  • Do you like her? And it sounds like she just wanted to get laid, and perhaps they're talking via Facebook or on the phone. From there it escalated into something more sexual or intimate. Just not enough information to make conclusions. Sorry if you liked her, dude

  • Because she was attracted to him, and wanted to have sex with him?

    Its pretty obvious

    • she's not the type to have sex with guys just because she thinks they're attractive.

    • everyone is the type to do that, stop being in denial about it

  • F. You like her, you're just trying to convince yourself that she didn't initiate it. She's the only one who knows.

    • Well based on their personalities I feel like he probably initiated it cause she's not the type to have sex with random guys

    • And she allowed it to happen and went through with it. She is just as much to blame for the sex that he is. No matter who initiated it.

  • Well that combination seems to work for sexual attraction
    Remember, she's a girl you like, she's not your girlfriend. Try not to be upset about this

    • What combination?

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    • So why doesn't he just sleep with other shy sweet girls why her?

    • Dude, let it go man.. It happened.. Im sorry bro but you will get another one

  • He probably lured her over to his house and tricked her into being sexually attracted to him.