Should I give Mike O a second chance read below?

Mike Otto like told my friend Danny y that mike Otto wants a second chance had being friends and that mike Otto was to nervous to ask me out and now mike Otto said he wants a second chance. I am so confused my mom said I should forget him and move on and carol think I should give him a second chance but my friend surya says I should but she said it was up to me. Oh I said the only way he well get a second chance is to ask me himself face to face.
Thats the only way. I still have feelings for him , but I am still kind of mad at him for ditching are friendship in the first place. And he pretended to have a girlfriend to get me mad. Just because I told him I cared about him. What would you do on the situation any advice. Oh and mike Otto said he can't talk to me because he leaves to go work out in the coummunity at work. What can I do.

It's not any office job it's called Accessablitiy a job place for adults with disablities. Goes out in the community to clean for working. He wants a second chance after what he put me through he pretended to have a girlfriend to Make me scared because I cared to much for him. Now he says he wants to have a second chance. But my friends think I should give him a second chance. What would you do


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  • Are you like really 33? And we don't know Mike Otto or Carol. Were you drunk when you posted this? Anyways, he can't talk to you because he doesn't work in an office? So he can't talk to you after he gets off work? This guy needs to apologize and talk face to face with you and explain things, then I would take it very slow until he proves himself to you again.

  • You're 33? ? ?