What advice can I give my friend?

My friend Mike is 20, and his girlfriend is 18-19. He told me he is going to get married by the end of the year. I think he is moving way too fast! He's only been dating her since September, and I think he is going to regret it.

He asked me to be his best man, and I said yes, being the supportive friend I am. Both Mike and his gf's parents don't like each other very much, and I think they won't show up or it will be very awkward. In my opinion, knowing Mike since high school, I think he is going to make a big mistake and regret it later in life.

What should I do?


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  • Nothing. It is not your job to be Mike's guardian. You can ask him what his reasons are and point out the flaws in those reasons, but beyond that it's his decision. Besides, it makes you look two-faced if you turn around and hypocritically stand against a wedding you're the best man for, almost making you out to be an enemy rather than a friend in the first place.

    You made the wrong choice by agreeing to the position if you weren't going to be in real support of the decision to begin with so even with what little you have you now have less leverage and power of voice.


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  • I see your perspective and understand that you are looking out for your friend. I have been in situations similar to this before with friends (involving bad choices in men/women, not marriage). I have learned that even if I spoke up and said something about my concerns that my friend will hear me out. However, she/he did not heed my advice and did what he/she wanted. It was difficult to see that but there wasn't much I could do. That person is an adult and capable of making a decision about whatever he/she wanted. I learned to stand back, watch everything unravel, my friend get hurt and then I make myself available as a source of support. I think you need to focus on the supporting role more than anything else.

    Best of luck.


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  • just be there to support him.. it will be a life lesson for him either it works out or not.. you can't really do much since its his choice after all