Never had a boyfriend/asked out before?

Never had a boyfriend/asked out before?

Guys never ask for my phone number. Also, I have never had a boyfriend before in my life or have never been asked out. Additionally, guys do not approach me. I am 21 and I am in college and the guys around my college do not seem interested in me. I see college guys with other women but they don't really hit on me or try to make a move. One guy even hit on my roommate but they do not hit on me. I get sad (and even catch myself crying a lot) because people in college and are already dating but I have been single my entire life. My love life is and has always been nonexistent. Plus, all of my friends have boyfriends and I'm pretty much the left out one. I mean, I just want to experience love and share my life with someone special.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Are you asking us why you are single? It could be some or combination of these thing :

    1. You are ugly
    2. You never put yourself out there
    3. You never try to talk to guy
    4. You do not look approachable
    5. You are too pretty that it intimidate guy
    6. You look like you already got a boyfriend
    7. You never try to ask anyone out
    8. You can't hold a conversation
    9. Talking to you feel talking to a dry wall
    10. etc


What Girls Said 2

  • Same for me.

  • Are you attractive?