How do I know if the guy I was dating is still into me (through text)? How do I subtly show him I still like him?

Dated this guy for two months and I ended up really liking him. We had mutual feelings except in the 2nd month, he stopped giving me as much attention, wouldn't text me as much anymore or ask to hang out. I put in most of the effort to try to keep in touch with him while he would always make the excuse that he's busy. I was busy too, but I'd make time for him. When we would finally meet up, sometimes I'd be able to tell that he still liked me and other times I wouldn't feel it. He'd say he still does & he wants a relationship with me. We'd only see each other once every 3 weeks after a while though (& I would be the one to reach out) & text once every week. One day I asked him what I am to him & he said "its whatever you want it to be". I said "well since you don't care, we could just be friends. I'm not gonna put in all this effort and get nothing in return". It really hurt and was a huge disappointment. After a month, I still miss him & like him a lot. I've texted him after the fact and we text as friends now. When I text him, he replies within 5 minutes even when he's at work or just woke up. Plus he'll still like my pictures on social media. I told him I miss him. I just wanna know out of curiousity if he's still interested & how would I show him I'm still into him?


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  • Has he ever had another relationship? He doesn't seem like he's mature enough yet. I don't even know if I am since whenever I get a tinder match and start talking to them, I get nervous and start apologizing if they don't respond after a few hours to a question I asked. And I'd try saying to him one day that you still like him and would like to try dating again (if you think it could work). Otherwise, simply take a deep breath and move on from this. In my personal opinion though, he doesn't seem mature enough for dating yet, so I'd try and move on.


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  • 1. guys don't recognize subtlety, so just be direct about what you want from him or don't expect to ever get it., 2. If he isn't making the effort to show you he is interested and wants the relationship to work, it's because he simply doesn't care about it.