Did I make the right decision?

Someone who was in my math class friended me on Facebook and we realized we both like the same tv show. We both agreed to discuss it. When the day came that we agreed to discuss it. He gave me his address and told me to come over. I freaked out because I assumed we were going to do this over Facebook messaging.

He obviously intended to make a move on me and possibly try to get laid. Which I am not into that, he is 8 years older than me (I draw the line at four years) and I definitely don't feel comfortable going to his house. I stopped replying after he messaged his address. He tried apologizing but I have blocked him on all social media


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  • you did the right thing, nothing to worry about


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  • If you do not even 'Feel Comfortable going to his house,' here, dear, Then by all Means... Block him on all social media.
    He apparently put this Sour Ball and All into your mouth with perhaps a Certain Sign that he wanted more than a Good Time.
    Let this be a Little Lesson in Life with even Facebook Friends... Chat more and Learn More about your Friends before Accepting an address that you may regret when you Get.
    Good luck and You made the right Choice. xx


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  • You did the right thing. Better be safe than sorry.

  • Good for you you didn't feel comfortable going to is house.