No girl interests me I dont know what to do?

Was fat and unattractive in highschool then graduated and got a job lost weight and got taller and much more good looking with a great style, nice smell and great hair cut, i have girls staring at me, female and male friends compliment me on my looks, girls i know like me a lot and some even expressed an interest in me (some didn't but its obvious they want to) i dated before, got my heart broken and became a little bitch to her then we made up and became friends (learnt a lot about girls and their ways) , i dated again and talked to lots of girls afterwards some hot some less hot but they never seem to fill that "void" i never find a girl iam interested in to the point of dating her even though i know they would like to date me and its probably looks that iam interested in...

I like light brown/reddish hair , fair skin and cloroed eyes ( dont care if theyre dark though) i know girls like that who are absolutly into me but are taken so i never even try.

I just never find what iam looking for what do i do? and iam nice enough to not lead girls on if iam not interested.


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  • Maybe a boy would interest you

    • nah not about that life

    • Ok. Was just throwing that out there

    • thanks for the idea though

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  • Try meeting someone while doing something you enjoy. Sounds silly but it works. I met one of my now-exs while scuba diving. We had a ton in common, she was incredibly attractive, and we got along. Dated her for a year, but had to end the relationship because she moved out of state for work.


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  • Try to be more social out there or start conversations with girls

    • iam more social and talked to girls i have nothing in common with iam no casanova but just yesterday picked up a couple of girls but i just never seem to like any beyond talking to them.

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  • Same here with me usually just get with girls for friends with benefits because I can't relate after girls start talking and I feel annoyed listening to them or get tired of it. I don't know what to tell you man except maybe hopefully you'll find someone that you click with and enjoy talking to you know.