I am pissed off at him... Advice?

So last night I asked my boyfriend if he can come over after get off of tomorrow morning and he tells me since he been working almost 16 hours he's extremely tired but he'll let me know. So I text him and said okay just let me know if you can or not. He never texts and let's me know. So I get on Facebook and went on his page and realize he added on someone new. Long story short I just click on her page and seen that he was talking to her last night instead of texting me telling me if he was coming over or not. On top of that he was keep conversations with his women and he haven't really tired to do that when we are texting. The thing is the account he was using is his Fake Facebook account that he made five years ago which I know about but that fact that he was using it to talk to her and people know it's him it not like it a secret but what also made me mad it that he talk to her on his Fake Facebook and added a her on his Real on! So yeah I am pissed he definitely treating me like I'm option and I can see the level importance I am to him. The picture below is of the comment of their conversation... what would y'all think? I am pissed off at him...Advice?

Advice from everyone please


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  • you have serious control problems he was just having a chat with other people. you know being controlling like that and obsessive will make him detest you right? if he can't trust you to trust him to simply talk to people he should find someone else worth his time.


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  • i would give him space and let him wonder what happened to you.
    don't contact him...
    if its all innocent, he would come to you, let him chase you back

    • thanks for mho.
      whats new so far?


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  • It looks like an innocent chat to me


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  • I think I would be hurt as well. And I can definitely see why you are too. But I don't think this is something you need to overreact about. I think you should just him down and tell him that it hurt you when he didn't get back to you.