Every couple of weeks it happens?

Cut a long story short I met a guy from a dating site back in March it started off good but then we had a few little arguments over time , the past month we have backed off from each other and hardly text but in the past couple of weeks we have slept together twice ! I can't keep away from him I try to date other men but It's me who always goes back and contact him I have feelings for him we have a fantastic connection in bed we just click ! He is a little stubborn so he's hard work , he says he wants to see me but he gets tired that he's got to do the hour traveling to come see me he wants me to come and see him for once , I think it's the distance that's the problem I never have gone to him , I could easily fall for him ! I just like and want him so much how do I get it back to like it was in the beginning? Do you think I need to make a effort abd drive to his home? Wild this maybe change things?


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  • Your period is normal and supposed to happen every few weeks. Nothing to fear.


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  • Yeah make an effort, I mean he has an issue with it and I guess it makes sense for someone to be a bit meh if they're the one always coming to you.