My girlfriend seems pretty distant right now?

I recently got back together with an ex girlfriend, we broke up about 3 years ago, but had remained friends. Fast forward to now, we got back together and things started off great at first. But then she slowly got more and more distant and I'm not quite sure what went wrong? We both work and she's not really able to text at her job so obviously we don't talk then, but for the most part when we text she always seems disinterested or doesn't even bother replying, but still posts on social media and snapchats etc. I tried to talk to her about it and she told me to "take a chill pill."

Now I'm not attempting to be clingy, but when we dated the first time around it was texting 24/7 nonstop, so that's what I'm used to, but also every fight we ever had was over text. She seems a lot happier and more affectionate in person as opposed to text. But if we don't see each other then we barely talk and then it doesn't feel like a relationship to me, this isn't mentioning the fact we haven't gone public yet, her reasoning was "to avoid drama for now." I do like her a lot and I don't wanna lose her, but sometimes I just don't know if she likes me. She could easily be talking to another guy, and no it's not paranoia, because she's done it before, I was the guy she was talking to while she had a boyfriend. What do I do here?


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  • Maybe she changed her mind. She no longer wants to be with you.


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  • The not going public to avoid drama it a huge red flag , that combined with her history is screaming there is another rooster in the hen house