What's wrong with me? Why am I not taken seriously?

I've been talking to this girl for a couple weeks, and i've been meaning to tell her I like he for awhile, so last night, I just felt the need to text her and let her know, not overly mushy or whatever, pretty matter of fact and to the point, because it's better to tell her now than later, she was probably asleep when I sent it so whatever, this morning I wake up and her response is "aw, that's so sweet" and we all know what that REALLY means, so what's wrong with me? this happens all the freaking time. I never get taken seriously. is it my personality? am I ugly? don't make enough money, not tall enough? what will it take to be taken seriously?


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  • I think your jumping the gun here, I don't see how her saying "Aw that's so sweet"
    Lead you to begin questioning yourself like this, I've used the same line with guys i liked back so make sure that she's completely not interested, ( her saying it in words) before jumping to these conclusions.


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  • She just doesn't have feelings for you. I think you're fine on looks and surely your wallet isn't the reason. I think you should just keep trying, you build character like this and eventually you'll be getting a different response

    • eventually, someday, one day, I hear that a lot and you know what, my character isn't being built, my confidence is being destroyed


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  • I think you might be showing your hand too early. Also, I don't see the point or benefit in talking to a girl for weeks without meeting and going out with her. Have a date or two before you tell her you like her, and do it in person.

    • I don't think she'd agree to a date if she didn't like me, and asking her for a date also shows my hand, no?

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    • I don't know I kinda feel like not trying, nothing would change for me anyways

    • There's more chance of things changing if you try than if you don't, but it's your call. Maybe it'd be a good idea to take some time to regroup first, though. Good luck.

  • Alright I've got the perfect formula for you. I'm gonna give you the best fucking advice anyone can give you on this motherfucker.


    Don't listen to anyone who tells you otherwise. Physical attraction truly opens the door so that they can see you for the awesome guy/incorrigible deuce bag that you may or may not be.

    You don't have to act like an asshole gym rat, but I promise you. Put on like 10lbs of muscle and you'll find girls who want you πŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏπŸ˜ͺ


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  • Nothing is wrong with you.
    You took initiative and told her how you feel. That's a sign of a Real man.
    She's just not into you.
    Move on and find someone who is.

    One girl not liking you means nothing, since they're literally BILLIONS of chicks!!!

    • If it were just one, I could get over it, but this has gotten into the tens now for me, without success. I wouldn't be nearly as bothered it it were just one

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    • too much pride for that, i'm either gonna do it myself or not at all

    • Get rid of pride!!! Pride is a useless emotion. I've NEVER met a successful prideful person. Cut the shit.
      Pride comes before the fall.

  • Dude you don't tell a girl you like her unless you are 100% sure she likes you back.. especially via text ahah, just ask her out and try to create a mood for you to kiss her. But never tell a girl you like her before you've kissed her! (at least)