I can trust my girlfriend she says im suffocating her?

Here's a little background, we've been going out for about 9 months now and the first 6 months were great nothing going on but lately we've been arguing like quite a lot (3 times a week) because of me. I am too jealous and for some reason i can't trust her, i dont know why. never been cheated on or anything i did have a rough childhood and grew without my parents and thats what may be holding me back. She's great, loves me trusts me and she's very loyal but for some reason i can't trust her. so the other day she told me she needs a space because " she doesn't want to get tired of me". I am a very controlling and organized person i need help because she has shown me what no other girl has ever and dont want to lose her. please help.


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  • That's something you have to work on yourself. I know insecurity is hard to control, but you have to think rationally. The truth is, she has never gave you reasons to not trust her, right?
    She's being reasonable for letting you know that she needs more space. She's warning you for the best of your relationship and to prevent a bad possibility (of her getting tired of you). That's a good thing, actually. It means she's giving you the opportunity to change because she still wants to stay in this relationship and cares about it. Now that you've been warned you're expected to change, though.
    Try to think about the good things that show you that this girl loves you (her actions, words, etc). I also suggest you to find new hobbies and go out with friends more. Basically keep your head busy with other things. I mean, you had a life without her 9 months ago, right? :p

  • Well respects her wishes. she's right I would do the same thing. uu have to control your inner self cause don't ruin what you two are building. cause nothing as beautiful as that may don't ever come your way. so treasure her and cool down.. back off some and learn, find a way a healthy way to trust even if u need therapy. don't run her away. don't mess up a good thing. Respect her and be loyal especially if she right. figure her needs and listen to her wants and don't b afraid of nothing for what? Boy u already got the best thing. which is her.

  • "I'm a very controlling and..." You lost me there. I'd dump you so fast your head would spin

    Oh and the constant jealousy... no bueno at all...


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