Should I give up on her?

So I have a question about the following. There's this girl I barely knew, we only saw each other in town sometimes. A few weeks ago I made the decision to send her a text. We were talking for hours and hours. It felt so good and we told each other so much. She also said that she trusts me. To avoid the friendzone I've asked her if she wants to go out soon, she said yes. After that we still talked a lot. But now things changed, she isn't texting me first and besides that the conversations are way less interesting. Now her new thing is this: I send her a text and she comes online later, she doesn't actually read the text (like in the blue check signs) but she comes online and then leaves and replies hours later. I'm so confused because when we talk she asks a lot about me. Do you thinks she is not interested or is she playing hard to get? Should I fight for it or should I give up on her?

Thanks for replying!🙃


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  • I don't think she is interested.


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  • Well if she asks a lot about you when you do talk to her it means she's still is intrested. She could be busy doing other stuff. Thats y she could be replying late. she's probably playing,"fight for it". I wouldn't give up.