Are people honest when drunk?

i have liked this guy for a while. before he started dating his girlfriend, he and I hooked up when we were drunk. we kept doing so then we flirted very bad and then he went home and started dating some girl back home. every time that he and I drink we do stuff. I always tell him how I feel about him I guess and he always says if it wasn't for his girlfriend. well last week we were both drinking and we were talking out side and I was crying about something (we both were drunk) . he started to cry to and told me about some deep stuff. then he put my face in his hands and we kissed. he flirts with me when he is sober but not as much now that him and his girl are getting closer. she is far away though. I am talking to another guy, but he doesn't make it any easier.

so are men and women really honest when they drink?


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  • You don't become more honest, you just can't think properly and make poor decisions.


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  • I am honest when I am drunk, but everyone is different

    I can't lie when drunk or extremely tired...

  • Less likely to lie, less inhibited, but still possible...


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  • I'd say so. In Vino Veritas, right? (In Wine there is Truth) Haha

    Beer/Wine, whatever. Alcohol impairs the frontal lobe, which is judgement and decision making abilities, so that's why people do retarded sh*t when drunk. And they usually can't make up good lies, so they're honest. Did he ever admit feelings for you when drunk? Or just kiss you? Because if he just kissed you that may be the bad judgement kicking in, and he may still be very close with his current girlfriend and have no plans of leaving her. I'm not trying to hurt your feelings, just hoping you don't get your heart broken with this guy. If you like the other guy you're talking to, just ignore the drunk flirt. It's probably better in the long run even if it hurts now.

    • Oh I have been pulling away. I am talking to a my friend who is underway in the navy right now. we are gonna be together when he gets back. I just live with two guys and the one I mentioned is one of them. and yes he said that if wasn't for her then he would be with me.

    • Ah, I see that now, I missed it the first time I read it through, sorry! Well good luck with your sailor!

    • Thanks!!