My date canceled on me!

OK. I need somebody with a mature mentality to help me deal with this situation. My date canceled on me tonight and did not even have the courtesy to call me. I had to text him! How should I confront this with him? I will be seeing him this week since with live in the same neighborhood.


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  • having been stood up more times than I can count, I feel your pain. Instead of committing mass murder, wait until the next meet and wait for his reaction. It better be a good reason. If he doesn't call back tomorrow, then I say this ended before it even began. We have cel phones and pagers, pocket pc's and blackberries unlike my early days do lack of communication is not a dismissable excuse. I doubt this is a case where he said yes to you just to help you feel good when he really meant to say no. That has happened to me a lot, in addition to her meeting some guy the same day and wanting to get with him instead.

    As I said, I've been stood up way too many times.


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  • How should you confront him? You DON'T. Just let it pass you by as if his lack of interests and consideration didn't even phase you. It was his problem so he should be the one talking. If you make a big deal out of it and confront him, these guys will think you're the needy type. Don't give up your position because he owes you an apology.

    Please don't let this bad experience ruin your attitude for men =) Just forget about it if he doesn't give you a decent explanation. So just stay cool and do your own thing. Go on another date or something

  • Say exactly what you just posted here "You canceled on me tonight and did not even have the courtesy to call me." Also tell him that he violated your trust and he's gonna have to work to earn it back. Assuming you still want to hang out with him.

    You also might want to let him explain his side of the story


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