Should I act more like a date or more like a friend?

I'm going to the prom with this girl that I've liked for a long time and have been really good friends with for all of high school. Only problem is I don't think that she feels the same way about me and in her mind we are going as "just friends" although she's never actually said that. we spend a lot of time together and are comfortable around each other and ever since we have agreed to go together she's been acting more "affectionate" towards me. but my question is since I think that she thinks of me as just a friend (I think she knows that I like her) how "boyfriend-like" can I act with her at the prom (besides dancing) like putting my arm around her and holding hands etc.


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  • If you 2 feel comfortable around each other I see why not?Its an amazing night as well prom should be special she probably does like you I say go for it act like its a date good luck!


What Guys Said 1

  • I personally got lucky at prom and asked her out, worked out nicely. I think prom is like the most ideal time ever for any "moves". So to answer your question: I think you should act more like a date, it will probably make your night more memorable.