Amazing first date..did he feel the spark too?

OK so 1st off I'm 16 and he's 17.

we started talking a week ago and it was just texting because he goes to a different school where a lot of my friends go but we'd been talking the whole week, and I mean like from morning till really late at night because we just have a lot of chemistry :) so we go to the movies and we saw she's out of my league(which btw is so funny) and after we headed back to his car. we started kissing and ended up making out for a really long time and he was so sweet the whole night. the way he kissed me and held me made it feel like he was my bf. I've hooked up with guys before and its all aggressive and pure lust and it was like that at first but he stopped and started going really slow and just sweet single kisses and he kept hugging me. on the freeway he outstretched his his hand for me to hold it so I did. he was just acting in a very caring way. finally he was about to drop me off and we kissed goodnight and it was so amazing it just felt right. my question is, did he feel the same spark I did? he says he had a really fun time and that we're hanging out next weekend but I'm frustrated because I've never felt that before and I really want to know if he did too.


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  • that's the best part isn't it? wondering about it =]

    don't worry, it's gonna be great.


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  • I think he probably did. Only time will tell though so just see where it goes from here.