How should I approach him about this?

Okay so I have this best friend of four years since 9th grade and were at my house working on a project and we started talking about our insecurities and how I had stretch marks and he has a back full of acne like extremely bad acne and so I was telling him about this lotion and these wipes he could use and he was talking about how he has no one to do it for him So i applied the lotion and wiped him down too. We both have a bf/gf so , all I'm asking is that how should I approach my boyfriend , how should I tell him? It wasn't anything romantic... I was pretty rough about it... Ain't nothing romantic going on !! So help


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  • ... well I guess you just have to retell the whole thing as plainly as you can. No reason to try to come up with some excuse or whatever.

  • Tell him what huh? x_x


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