We're dating secretly, should we tell the truth?

I dated a friend for almost a month but never happened anything, never kissed or hold hands. I decided to end everything and to tell him to move on, but to stay friend. To be honest, I've always liked his friend, from a very long time, but never thought it could happen something between us. Now he told me he also liked me, but he feels bad for his friend because he still likes me and doesn't want to mess it up. So we're dating secretly and I honestly don't know what to do next. I know this is wrong, but I don't want this to end! What should we do? Telling the truth?


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  • The best thing you can do is tell the truth, because if he finds out you two are dating and that you're hiding it from him, he will feel even more hurt than if you two are just dating, I was in a similar situation as you, this guy he tried to date me like for almost a year but I wasn't really into him, for me he was just a friend though we did kiss a few times, one day I went out to a club with him and his friend, whom I knew already but not much, there was also another friend, so I ended up hooking up with his friend, we went all the way, the next morning we didn't know what to do, we thought he'd be hurt or annoyed, anyway he ended up telling him, since we pretended to keep seeing each other, and eventually he was ok with it, and nowadays they just laugh about the whole situation

  • tell the truth now and u will be on some moral standing but tell them later and keep a secret so long he will be embarrassed and you lied.