Is it true that women always cheat on their man with someone they like?

I've heard that women always like the guy they cheat on their man with or the rebound guy. Any truth to this? I know guys aren't this way. When a guy cheats it's for power and a thrill. I've even heard many guy friends say they can't stand the women they sleep with.


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  • I feel like this is a gross generalization and would be impossible to apply across the entire female and male population. Sometimes the rebound guy is just the rebound and she just likes the attention. Same with cheating, it might just be for attention and not always because they LIKE the dude more than their man or whatever.

    • so you say that SOME (not generalizing here) would sleep with men not because they like them but simply for the attention?

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    • it is just a book for me personally it will not be published. maybe somebody will publish it after i die if they find it. i will proceed to investigate though.

    • @anonman32 ahh I see lol

  • No, I know people who just used a guy basically to make their relationship implode.


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  • Yeah. If a woman cheats, most of the time she has stronger feelungs for the guy she is sleeping with. Contrary to what anyone says, a woman doesn't even respect her man if she cheats.
    Men, are being disrespectful as well.. But most of the time they couldnt give a shit about the person they cheat with.