Help me figure her out?

So I ve been talking to a girl online for months, we live close but have never met. I asked her to meet up for a drink a while back and she suggested meeting up with friends for a first meet. It never came off because she was going on holiday. Anyway I asked her again a good few weeks later to meet up and go for a drive somewhere to which she said 'you can do' but at that time we were both away for two weeks. I have just asked if she wanted to meet at the weekend but she's working but she said she was going to ask me to come out with her on a night out with friends but it's been cancelled. Can I assume she's not interested? We talk everyday and she keeps the conversation going.


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  • If she keeps cancelling on you, she is not interested.


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  • Work on earning her trust more. Maybe she is too nervous about being alone with you. It seems to me like she is having difficulty getting everyone organized to do the same thing.

    Try to think of something she will be comfortable spending time with you doing. Maybe meet up in somewhere rather public with you own forms of transportation. You both meet and you both leave separately, etc...